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Why Choose Kitchen Depot Limited?

•Kitchen Depot Ltd. gives a 5 Year Warranty on all our Cabinets, Manufactured and Installed by us.

•We Manufacture Customized Cabinets & Doors to suit your Space, Size and Layout.

•All our Cabinets (Base, Wall & Pantry) have a White M.D.F. Backing, which means the Entire Cabinet is Sealed off from all Crawling Insects like Cockroaches etc.
No Backing means seeing Uneven, Unattractive and out of Square Back Walls.

•All our Cabinets are treated for Termites with Cuprinol Wood Treatment (which also prevents Wet Rot & Dry Rot) before any Finishing Application is Applied.

•We offer a Solid Wood Exterior Product with Wooden Face Frames and Doors (Stronger Manufacturing System) and not A Thermo Foiled Frame- Less System, where the Hinges are screwed into M.D.F.

•Heavy Duty Ball Bearing Slides are used on all our Drawers, not White Epoxy Coated Slides (Light Duty) as used by other Manufacturers.

•Kitchen Depot Ltd. offers Wide Range of Decorative Knobs & Handles which enhance the look of the entire Product.

•We Offer a One Stop Shop i.e. a Complete Product.
We Manufacture, Transport and Install a Complete and Finished Product to your Home.
No need to Purchase Parts and/or Units from a Company, then hire a Joiner, then a Painter and then pay for Transportation between all of the above (from Company to Painter and then to your House for Installation).
Payments are also made separately to each Individual. Anything missing or under quoted would result in you (The Customer) having to pay extra to the Company, Joiner and Painter (Increase in Total Cost of Project).

•At Kitchen Depot Ltd. We manufacture all Components for Cabinets based on Customers Order. Therefore all Items are made on Time.
We also have a Signed Delivery Period. In other Companies where Mass Produced Parts & Units are purchased they may not have all the parts in Stock at the time of Purchase.
Your project will be held back (Awaiting Batches from Mass Production or Importation of Cabinets) until they get in Stock before your Installation can begin or be Completed.

•At Kitchen Depot Ltd. when the Contract is Signed by both Parties the Price is Final.
Except when there are changes by Customer in Size and Design.